Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chicago Gardens

Inspiration is everywhere.
I have started a new series of mixed media paintings focused on summer gardens in the city.
There are no words...

"Saturday Afternoon in the Park"
12" x 12" mixed media on panel


  1. So much of life and color! The texture you achieved is amazing !

  2. This is amazing!! You must be totally at home with Chicago to create such beauty. (I hope I didn't post this twice.)

  3. Totally was into the colors and textures, padmaja.

    Thanks, Sherry.

    Hallie, I am discovering things about the city I never noticed before but in all fairness I think the city has changed (for the better) since 25 yrs. ago when I lived here.

  4. Hi Robin! I've read many of your posts and had a lovely time visiting your blog. There is so much to see. Congratulations on your awards, much deserved.
    This flower garden is specially beautiful. Happy painting.

  5. Thanks for the visit and comment, Helen. The flower gardens here captivate me every time I drive by, I am probably going to paint it several more times!