Thursday, July 11, 2013

Work Routines

"Trellis and Roses"
6" x 6" encaustic on panel

Still have not gotten totally acclimated in my new surroundings. I put things away and forget where I put them, I still don't know my license plate number, and have yet to take the Illinois written drivers test (what if I don't pass!) I take photos all the time, download them onto my laptop, and accept that I am always inspired by the summer flowers and gardens.

I am not sure about upcoming show submissions and if I even want to try to "fit" with fellow encaustic artists here. I am not usually big on being part of a group. I will go to a meeting on Saturday with the FusedChicago artists and hopefully get a better sense of the group's goals and direction. One thing I have decided is to continue with mixed media image transfers, incorporate pigmented wax, oil pastel, and etch into the wax to add details. I feel more connected to this technique than I did to the primitive paintings I worked on several months ago although I am planning on visiting the Field Museum exhibit of the Lascaux cave paintings.

I am also planning on visiting the Art Institute exhibit,  Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity. Inspiration is everywhere, I just need to find my niche and work routine.


  1. You will find it, Robin (your niche). I'm so glad you are working on the image transfer pieces. I absolutely love your work on those and find each and every one gorgeously stunning. The colors in my piece that I purchased from you is just always grabbing my eye with those gorgeous colors.

  2. Once I do have a niche and a routine and a place to teach or demo techniques, I will be sure to keep you posted, Sherry.

  3. This encaustic is gorgeous. I so enjoy following you on Facebook and I look forward to seeing where your new journey takes you. I admire you so much.

  4. Facebook may not be good for lots of people but for me I love the free publicity and being able to stay connected with art happenings. I agree Pam, it's fun to follow people and happenings.

  5. It is a fantastic piece, I first thought you shared a photo of a real place, the details are perfectly crafted!
    I am doubly sure that you will find your groove soon and will gallop:-)