Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Land of Oz

I spent the weekend in Michigan and was in awe of the landscape - I loved the farms and barns everywhere, especially the vineyards. I photographed the things that caught my eye knowing I would paint as soon as I got back home.

"Red Barn"
18" x 24" mixed media on panel

I took my photographs to the local printer and decided to switch the images to black and white. In a way, creating this painting reminded me of the Wizard of Oz... started in black and white and ended up with vibrant, living colors. The land was so lush and pure, it made me feel proud to be living in the Midwest.

Process photos -
After transferring, burnishing, and fusing the black and white image onto the panel, I added colored wax to the sky first, then moved toward the foreground with various shades of green.

Below is the painting now ready for me to add highlights using oil pastels.

The red barn was my favorite image from the weekend although I do have one more barn photo I plan on painting after my back recovers from the past two intense days of non-stop work.


  1. Vineyards have always a peaceful feel to them, I have enjoyed them in Napa and Tuscany. They sort of make them forget about the noisy world that we live in. Your work has all the ingredients of peace and calm, very beautiful Robin!

  2. I love living out in the more rural areas myself. I never get tired of seeing the farms and worry over the weather for the crops as if I was the farmer myself! This is lovely work, Robin!

  3. Gorgeous! The little swath of red of the barn draws your eye up and into the composition. Love the values. Nice.

  4. I do love seeing the lay of the land, padmaja. To me, doesn't matter if its grapes, corn, or any other crop. It's all lush and wonderful to me.

    There is definitely a risk with weather, Sherry. That's what made me think of the Wizard of Oz ;)

    Was totally into the red barn, Pam, and the endless rows of green. Thanks.