Saturday, July 27, 2013

12" x 12" mixed media on panel

Down the street from where my mother lives there is a small park with benches and tables, surrounded by buckets of flowers, a fabulous fountain (that isn't always on), and a wonderful gelato and coffee bar. Last week when we visited it I decided to take a few photos. I transferred and burnished one of my favorite photos into wax medium, then added pigmented wax and oil pastel. I have started to think of my image transfer process as a way of breaking down the "reality" of the photo. By adding bold, impressionistic color and textures using wax, I am able to create an image that's more alive with color.

Since arriving in Chicago I have submitted and been accepted into an encaustic show at the Morpho Gallery - Wax(in')Blue.
I have to say, there is no rhyme or reason when it comes to juried shows. I submitted 3 paintings, the show requirement was that each piece had to have the color blue along with encaustic as the primary medium. I chose two of my "award winning" ocean paintings (one was Best of Show last summer in the Marblehead Festival of Arts, the other won 2nd place at the Copley Society Marine Show last summer) and neither of those paintings were chosen! The piece that did get in was a self portrait that I had recently changed by eliminating the text that was collaged into the body of work -

11" x 14" mixed media on panel

The opening reception for this is August 10, details are listed on the blog side bar in "upcoming events".

Another opportunity presented itself when I attended a FusedChicago meeting and one of the board members said she wanted to invite several artists to join her in September to show in the Fine Arts Building 2nd floor gallery. Lucky for me, I am one of the three she has chosen! More details to follow later.


  1. There is no rhyme or reason, but your "Blue" is beautifully moody. Your life in Chicago sounds so exciting and a gelato bar in a park must be a real treat on a warm day. I like what you created.

  2. See, Robin? You are already making your way around town and making those important connections. I knew you would. I love the blue piece! The colors in the gelato stand piece are exquisite!

  3. I will be curious to see the show, Hallie, and to see the other works that were accepted. The Chicago art scene has got to be a little different from New England, doesn't it?

    Sherry, sometimes I move too fast and now that I am here I just want to take it all in and learn. It's all good.

  4. Robin, you have taken off really well in the new place , the self portrait is very sublime and ethereal , love it very much! The gelato place is coming out live, the details are impeccable!