Friday, October 2, 2009

"Autumn Leaves"

Final painting - adding leaf reflections in the water is a play on pattern and color

adding a leaf collage allowed me to bring in fresh autumn color plus an element of 3-d

colors here are not crisp and clean

The past few days I watched my demonstration painting for the class I teach get from decent to worse to awful! I ruined what could have been a subtle, gentle autumn landscape (refer to images in previous post) by trying to create intense fall colors on top of a midsummer color scheme. My initial paint wash was going to be greens, blues, and jewel tones. Because I decided to change the time of year from the summer photo I was using to the colors I am seeing every time I walk outside this week, it was a challenge to say the least. I did not want subtle color, I wanted intense color.

The only way I could get the crisp yellows/oranges/reds was by collage. I feel like this painting became more about color and texture than actual landscape.

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