Friday, November 13, 2009

"Blue Sky at the Pond", and other encaustic works

"Blue Sky at the Pond", 8 x 8 encaustic painting, the image was transfered into the wax then I added the colored wax to make it "come alive".

Shown here, the wood board already painted and fused with 3 layers of wax medium, along with the image I will be burnishing into the wax.

The electric griddle is out and my heated palette is back to work, melting pigmented wax as I continue to develop my series of encaustic paintings capturing a year of visits to the bird sanctuary. I knew I wanted to do a 2nd autumn painting in the 8 x 8 size and I have a bunch of cradled elephant board wood panels ready to go. I also still have 6 x 6 panels but I feel I am ready to take on working a bit larger. Having discovered the floating frames, the smaller works do look more complete but I admit I am open to size changes as this series progresses.

I also made several encaustic art cards in between working on the larger landscape painting.

2.5 x 3.5 encaustic card

Seen below, I used sepia ink with watercolor creating an abstract card that I thought could 'stand alone'. After I looked at it a while I realized it needed something more as a focal point and I felt like I could see snakes lurking so I decided to make several marks by following the pattern that was already there and now the card works better, it's called "Snake Eyes".

Card with encaustic highlights, "Snake Eyes"

Card with just sepia ink and watercolor wash


  1. Each time I see one of your new encaustics I think it's my favorite. I felt that way about your "Blue Sky at the Pond" when I saw it the other day on ASB. Now that's how I feel about the encaustic card up above. As good as your watercolors are, I think your encaustics are that much better. Keep these beauties coming... -Don

  2. Wow Robin, these are so beautiful. I had no idea what went into the process. Thanks for sharing.