Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Geisha Si-ting"

I introduced ink stamps as a way of creating patterns in watercolor during last night's class. Painting and decorating the kimono fabric lends itself to the use of stamping. I discussed how a purist would not incorporate stamping in a watercolor painting but that as artists we have the right to make art and use mediums in any way we choose. It was important to me to let each of my students understand that if they were to submit their stamped paintings to a watercolor show their painting would not be considered a pure watercolor medium and that if they preferred to hand paint a pattern that was an option (they all plan on using the stamps!)

Next week is the last class and we will finish up the geishas and any other unfinished work. I can not believe how quickly time is passing us by.


  1. I love how you've used layered washes to build up your color intensity. The stamped lace is an inspired touch.... who cares what the purists say? :>

  2. Robin - your blog is terrific. I really like seeing the steps you take. I'd love to hear more about the paintings you sold at your show.

    But most importantly, I am SO sorry about the loss of your doggie. I'm sure he was very much loved and part of the family. I still dream about my dog and we put him to rest 30 years ago. It gets a little easier with time and love.