Tuesday, November 24, 2009

weekend recovery

Creating a "4"

The letter "Q"

Giving good energy

My body is still aching and moaning from being in class all weekend. I always considered myself somewhat athletic although I am definitely feeling middle aged right now.

I am in a creative movement class and between now and my next weekend of classes (Dec. 11) I have to read several books and write a paper, have to choreograph and dance a "life dance", also have to design a creative movement lesson plan and I admit, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Tomorrow I am leaving town to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with my family in Chicago and I can't even focus on these assignments until I am back.

I have always managed to avoid dance class until now so this truly is a challenge. As a young girl my mother insisted I go to ballet class... I maybe lasted a month or 2 but then hated it with such a passion that I was allowed to quit! As an adult I have found appreciation in several "new age" type dance classes - yoga and zumba were both things I tried but honestly I prefer bicycling or swimming long distances for a workout. Unfortunately, there is no escaping the second weekend of creative movement class and I am going to try to enjoy the holiday only to focus on my assignments when I get back home.

The one comfort I have in the back of my mind is that I will definitely make props, design simple scenery using my artistic skills... I am already thinking about the roll of watercolor paper in my studio, and how I can paint trees or bamboo stalks with ink, then use different colors for background washes... maybe even referring to the 7 stages of creation I wrote about in my last post. For now, I have to sit with all of my post-class ideas until next week.

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