Wednesday, November 18, 2009

making cards and trading

In Jeanne Carbonetti's book, "Making Pearls", she writes about the 7 stages of creation and the colors we associate with each stage. Her way of teaching is to identify the self expression that exists within every individual and then to let our creative muses take over. I decided to make a series of cards as a reminder of my own creative freedom and to conquer my inhibition with human form as subject matter. At some point I will be ready to trade these cards but for now I am "holding" (green stage).

Shown below are just a few of the cards I made over the weekend, most of which have already been traded out! I found traders or they found me from all over the country as well as in Vancouver, Singapore, and Finland.

This card led me to revisiting the Stages of Creation (from Carbonetti's book)

One of the cards I made at last week's watercolor class, a personal favorite

These 2 cards below were traded out as soon as I posted them!

Encaustic card, just dabbling

Since last week I have been rejuvenated with my online card trades and I spent the weekend making new atc's as well as posting and trading on one of my favorite websites,

Trading on the site reminds me of the bartering I do whenever I work at the Paradise City art shows. I used to trade cards with anyone that wanted one of my cards but now I am a bit more selective and initiate trading as well as respond to requests based on what I see that I would like to add to my card collection.


  1. I love Jean Carbonetti's work but don't know that book - will have to check it out - thanks for sharing!

    Beautiful cards, esp. the second one - I can see why it didn't stick around long!

  2. I'm with Deborah in that I really like the second one - you know I've always enjoyed your calligraphic line work - but my absolute favorite of this bunch is the encaustic piece. -Don