Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Encaustic Image Transfers

Floating frame, outer dimensions are 10 x 10

8 x 8 encaustic image transfer, "Autumn Foliage"

Photograph used for image transfer

The watercolor class I teach ended last night and the next session doesn't start until the end of February. The geisha paintings were finished up and there was time left for me to share Artist Trading Cards and explain the benefits of networking with original art cards (rather than printed business cards). I made a few cards but mostly wanted to share my collection of cards from artists I have traded with all over the world!

Next on my creative list - to get back to using the autumn photographs I took to use as encaustic image transfers. I am working in a larger size now, 8 x 8 cradled wood panels, and have found that using floating frames creates a more complete presentation. I only purchased 2 frames because I wanted to make sure I liked the presentation, I think it makes the artwork look more substantial and will need to order more frames.


  1. Nice photo! But I like how you made your leaves more colorful and intense than the original. The floating frame does finish it off nicely.

  2. I 2nd everything that Deborah said. This is still one of my favorites of your encaustics, so far. -Don