Monday, April 18, 2011

New Spring Exhibitions

Yesterday the Swampscott Arts Association opened their Spring Show at Marian Court College. The participation and attendance was slightly down from prior years although the exhibit looks beautiful. Yours truly was the recipient of the 3rd place prize! Other award winners are shown below, quite an eclectic mix.

Waiting for award winners to be announced...

My friend Betty Ann and I are looking closely at the way this pastel was framed. Carmela Martin used museum quality glass and there was absolutely no glare. Carmela used to be a watercolor student of mine and now she has sky-rocketed using dry pastels. I was disappointed she did not receive a award for this piece.

Award winners: Barbara Gherzi, Me, Debbie Gates, Noreen Nelson, and Clayton Curtis (Ruth Rooks, Amy Roberts and Robert Oliver were not present) 

Award winning pieces:

1st -"Just Clowning Around", mixed media, Noreen Nelson

2nd - "Still Life with Bread and Tomatoes", pastel, Clayton Curtis

3rd - "Spring Pathway", encaustic, my painting

Honorable mention - "Mail Call", watercolor, Robert Oliver

Honorable Mention - "When Rachel Sings", watercolor, Barbara Gherzi

Honorable Mention - "Intermission Cafe", oil, Ruth Rooks

Honorable Mention - "Landing Reflection", photo, Amy Roberts

Marian Court College Award - "Caitlin", watercolor, Debbie Gates

Other news... I was asked if I wanted to kick-off exhibiting at a new venue for the SAA, in the lobby of the local Sovereign Bank in town. My paintings are being featured along with photographs by award winning photographer Peggy A. Farrell until the end of May.

Bank exhibit featuring these paintings:

"Full Wolf Moon", 30" x 38", watercolor

"Moonrise at the Lake", 26" x 32", watercolor

"Winter Reflections", 26" x 32", watercolor

"Another Gray Day", encaustic, 18" x 22"


  1. Wow, wow, wow! 3rd place is wonderful and look at the doors this exhibit has opened! Congratulations! I am sure you will win many more ribbons and that you will go far as you are very talented. Connie :)

  2. I remember the beginning and progress of this painting... it's so good to see your efforts paying off - congrats!

  3. Congratulations again, Robin. I really like Full Wolf Rising and Moonrise at the Lake. Good luck at the bank show; I know the customers will enjoy it.

  4. Thanks, Connie. The local art association has always been dear to my heart. I am grateful and fortunate they support the changes I have made in my art mediums.

    Cool that you remember when I was working on the painting, Deborah!

    Lately I am leaning toward watercolor more than encaustic, Haley. Glad you like the watercolors. It will be interesting to see if I get any inquiries because of the pieces hanging at the bank.

  5. Congratulations Robin! All of the art you've shown is spectacular- obviously a very high caliber show. And also congratulations on your latest exhibit.
    I'm in awe of all that you do! Your successes are hard earned and well deserved.
    Might I also say- you looked very relaxed in these photos. Your vacation was good for you!

  6. Your piece is most deserving of an award, Robin. I love that encaustic piece. What a fabulous show. The clown reminds of an old Friends episode when both Rachel and Monica were fighting over which one of them had to keep a gift "painting" from Phoebe...that had various body parts erupting from the canvas. LOL

  7. Robin, thanks for sharing the entire show in interesting! I like your piece best.

  8. Pam you are always so positive, thanks! Vacation is still on my mind and I am definitely feeling relaxed.

    Sherry, clowns have always given me the heebie geebies but the judges were impressed with the mixed media creativity. Interesting association with the clown!

    Thank you, Celeste

  9. Congratulations on your award and having the exhibit at the bank. It's great that lots of things happening for you in the art world right now.