Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuscan Landscape revisited

"Springtime in Tuscany 2", watercolor, 30" x 38"

I wanted to find a balance between geometric details (first Tuscany painting) and simplicity (second version). My biggest challenge was including the yellow tree in the foreground and repeating it next to the farmhouse. Adding spatter softened the hard edges and created more highlights. Practice with the first two paintings made it easier to build up the composition however I feel like I still overworked parts of this and I prefer the 2nd version best... practice practice practice.

Now that I have painted this scene in watercolor, I think I will attempt to do an encaustic version... focus being on geometry leaning toward abstraction.


  1. I think I agree with you about the second one. My reason was simpler--I liked the purpley splash of color. How will you ever chose?

  2. I liked the looseness and splashes of color in the 2nd one too. It was definitely more spontaneous (but its much smaller). That's my choice, no problem! Oh and Hallie, my back is still aching terribly from working on this larger painting, so I could entirely relate to your blogpost yesterday.

  3. I think this is absolutely beautiful, Robin.