Monday, April 4, 2011

Gaiole in Chianti, first stop in Tuscany

I have only been in Tuscany for a few days and the weather has been warmer than usual. I knew it would be early spring with minimal colors in the surrounding landscape so I decided to take some artistic liberties with my color palette in this first "en plein air" painting of my trip. The vineyards are beautifully linear  this early in the season. I am still blown away by the way these small villages are nestled between hill tops, rolling olive groves and vineyards.

Hill top view, "Lecchi in Chianti", 9 x 12 watercolor

This photograph was taken early in the day. As the sun moved, landscape details changed and so did my painting.

My make-shift studio, pretty awesome!

One of the many vineyards surrounding Castello di Tornano


  1. I think you've improved the landscape with your painting Robin. It sounds like you are having a great time. I like the wine as part of your supplies. That would make any painting day more fun and relaxing.

  2. What a studio! What a view! What a change from your icy photos of winter.

  3. Now this is the way to vacation! I'm totally in awe of your 'studio'. I'm glad your supply list includes some wine, although I'm sure you're just using it to mix your paints and rinse your brushes...


  4. Robin, this is simply gorgeous. What a stunning painting...I could rhapsodize forever and just keep going back to drink it in once again!