Saturday, April 9, 2011

Torrita di Siena

Interesting accommodations... we booked a 2 night stay at the "Residenza d'Arte" in Torrita di Siena. An italian artist by the name of Anna Izzo used the space as her studio and gallery. The medieval structure was first inhabited by monks, but renovations have allowed for the 8 room B&B to attract visitors from all over the world. Her work is scattered throughout the gardens as well as the interior and there is an eclectic mix of modern, abstract art combined with medieval, monastic traces of life.

Yesterday I spent time with my paints, more "plein air" paintings. My goal for the day was to better understand the Italian Cypress.

Vistas of Tuscany

Medieval town of Torrita di Siena

I decided to split the painting, creating a diptych

Italian Cypress

Our next stop is Cortona for two nights, possibly a day trip to Florence, ending the trip with 1 night in Rome. In a very strange way, the Tuscan landscape reminds me of Vermont (minus the medieval towns and Cypress)... rolling emerald greens with lush shrubs and trees... hills and valleys, breathtaking. 


  1. Lovely watercolors, Robin. Your greens are perfection.

  2. I love seeing the paintings you do as you travel. Much better than any photograph could ever be, I feel as if I am there. Excellent! Connie :)

  3. Thanks so much both of you! The landscape here has actually changed since we arrived and things are even more lush and green. My paintings once I am back home should be really exciting.

  4. Robin, All your photos and paintings during your stay in Italy are stunning! I'm now caught up looking and I'm just in awe of it all! What great inspiration!!