Tuesday, October 13, 2009

post-show recap

I was so lucky. I had a great show, lots of sales, and I met some interesting people. I had so much interest in the small framed encaustic art cards and I enjoyed educating the patrons that were interested in hearing about the process. I feel fortunate and I know many of the artists at the show did not even cover their expenses. I wish I could enjoy in the success I had but I came home to bad news about my dog. Although he was improving from a ruptured disc when I left town, something changed yesterday and he is now facing permanent paralysis. I guess it makes things fall into perspective when you are facing life and death of a loved one (or pet as it may be) vs. making profits in the professional world. There is nothing I can do to help my dog, other than wait to see if he responds to the additional treatments. I will know by Thursday what needs to be done with him and my heart is aching.

I was going to write a long, entertaining recap of each day at the show, how the large paintings I sold went to people that were really connected to the works, but instead I will just post photos of my dog, Bruno.


  1. Robin, My heart goes out to you. I'm sorry Bruno is having such a rough time. I hope he is able to make a sudden turnaround. Bless you and good thoughts are coming your way.

    I'm glad you had a successful show. Good work and tenacity bring their due reward.


  2. Oh Bruno is such a cutie... I hope he'll pull through. Congrats on a good show, even though it was overshadowed by Bruno's illness.