Saturday, March 27, 2010

side tracked

Photograph and encaustic image transfer below; a visit to the local bird sanctuary continued to reflect the winter and early spring storms with barely a trace of new spring growth.
Very tall birches

Bushes still holding onto winter berries

My plan was to work on the dragonfly demo and start painting the grasses, covering portions of the dragonfly, in preparation for completing the final details next week in the class I teach. The only problem was I had visited the bird sanctuary a few days ago because I also wanted to start working on the spring season for my Pathways show... but the photos I took were still feeling too wintery. (I want spring to reflect new growth and new shades of green on shrubs and trees). What could I do with the photos I took?! I decided to use a few of them for small encaustic image transfers although I don't think these works will be incorporated into my show because they aren't "green" enough. I have so much fun painting with the wax, and working small makes it quick and easy. Gotta love immediate gratification.


  1. Robin, those turned out really nice. I like the subdued colours. thanks for sharing.

  2. These are all excellent! You have captured a nice depth in each of these - giving a nice 3 dimensional quality to them. I especially like the "Very Tall Birches".


  3. Thanks Bonnie, it was the "non" color of the day!

    Don, it's so amazing to me the amount of interest I get with the encaustics. I can hardly wait to attend the conference in June to discover new techniques.. in the meantime, I will keep doing the image transfers.

  4. I like what you have done here. Although they are the trees of winter, they don't feel cold.

  5. Thanks, Eva. Hopefully in another week when I go back there will be spring greens, and I can do another version of the birch trees.