Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Storm Tree", a larger version

"Storm Tree", 8 x 8 encaustic image transfer

I spent the afternoon (and part of the morning too) working on a larger encaustic version of the storm tree. We have had record rainfall in New England and now that the rain has stopped I can go back to take spring photos that will work in my 4 season "Pathway" series but in the meantime, I am working with what I have from the photos I took last week (before there were visible signs of new leaf growth) when the biggest change in nature was the downed trees from all of the recent storms.

There were so many other things I should have been doing today... reading for school... working on my demo for the class I teach tomorrow night... working on another studio move... household chores... but all I wanted to do was focus on another encaustic painting. I am anxious to work larger although I want to use up all my 6 x 6 and 8 x 8 panels first. I also want to fill in my encaustic color palette but if I can wait until the conference in June, I will have access to specialty vendors and resources.

There is a Dick Blick art supplier in Boston that carries R&F encaustic paints and I may need to go there for a few more shades of green in order to complete my spring paintings. I am definitely addicted to this new medium.


  1. Your enthusiasm and the joy you find in this new (to you) medium shows up in the final work. You know you're onto something when it starts taking over your life. Keep these beauties coming!


  2. Thanks for your consistently encouraging comments, Don. My face lights up when I talk about my encaustic works.. glad you can sense that too.