Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2nd half of studio residency

"Geisha Robin-san", exploring a "secret self"
Our assignment was to find an archetype that we felt connected to, then to dress in costume and become that personality for a photo shoot.

"The Shadow", exploring another secret self
We were then told to choose a second secret self and to engage in some sort of dialogue between the two personalities. The concept of "shadow"was explained by Carl Jung and it refers to archetypes that we repress and then identifying them.

Encaustic collage painting
This work was an extension of my curiosity with encaustic painting combined with my fear in painting figures, something I no longer fear!

work in progress, watercolor painting of the path to Sanctuary Pond, bird sanctuary on Marblehead Neck

After spending 4 days painting with wax, becoming a geisha, and exploring new subject matter in my art, I also craved the opportunity to start a new watercolor landscape. I will finish this in my studio but the fact is for me, painting landscapes and creating serenity and balance in my work will always be my happy place.

It's always an interesting process when you are put in a creative environment, are nurtured to the max, and then are left alone to explore and express yourself. Today is the last day of the studio residency and we will be holding a reception for each other, sharing what we explored all week, and hopefully we will be inspired to continue tapping into our inner, secret self's.

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