Saturday, August 15, 2009

catching up

Encaustic image transfer of "3 Buddhas", I am still attached to this card and not ready to trade it. I took the photo when I was in Salem at an antique store and there where buddha statues everywhere. I made a few other cards from the photos I took, not ready to trade any of them yet!
The host for the Buddha swap usually gets a 'free' card from the swap participants; she had indicated to me that this was her favorite.

These 3 cards were my picks for the group ATC swap, all encaustic image transfers

I have to admit, being in a 6 day studio residency was exhausting, even for 'high energy' me. The day it ended, my 2 older children came back in town and I had to immediately switch gears. I have barely had time to think about the class or the paper I have to write. Hopefully tomorrow morning I start.

Today I did pick and send 3 buddha cards I had made for a group Artist Trading Card swap - the ATCsforALL website always has group swaps and I was lucky enough to get in this swap, the theme is "Show Us Your Buddha" (and I so love my buddhas!)

I made an assortment of cards, picked the 3 I thought would be a cohesive unit for the swap, and now I am planning on trading the remaining cards in 1/1 trades on the same website.

After my paper is written I will be ready to do my first 18 x 24 encaustic image transfer, I just cant get started until I clear up some of the loose ends that interfere with my process.

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