Thursday, August 20, 2009

what next?

This is the black and white xerox copy I will use for my next image transfer; it is 18 x 24, same size as the wood panel seen behind it.

My bonsai helps me remember to breathe peacefully especially when I get so busy I can barely think! It also helps me to remember to see the life in a tree, the shapes, the details. I will use this to help me with the tree details in the encaustic I am about to start.

This is always the time of year that is crazed with preparations being made for my kids, getting them ready to start another school year. It is also time for me to get ready for another year of school, although knowing I am entering the second half of my master's program helps me see the light at the end of the tunnel. The studio residency class was held in August and in some ways I never stopped going to school in 2009. I just finished writing a paper that was a personal review of all I have accomplished the past year as well as what my goals are for the coming year. Starting with my next piece, I want to work on a larger scale doing encaustic image transfers. I feel like I have discovered a hidden treasure with this medium and I am enjoying the way each piece is taking me on a journey... it seems to be all about color. I have hesitated to invest in the pigmented wax paints (huge expense) but as I have more faith in my ability to use the medium, I can see there will be a need for me to develop more of the landscape colors I use in my palette. I won't have time to start this next work for about another week but I am excited knowing it's waiting to happen as soon as I have the time.


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you'll do with this....

  2. I agree with you, Robin. I think you've found an excellent medium for you. Your encaustics have been blowing me away, and I look forward to what's next... Good luck in the new school year. May you stay sane, create many wonderful works, and grow even more in your artistic journey.