Sunday, August 30, 2009

18 x 24 encaustic painting, almost done

Image transfer with painted wax addition

Image transfer on wood board before painting with colored wax

I have been possessed and obsessed by the image transfer that has patiently waited for me to go back to working on it; the problem was, I was dreading it! After having done almost a dozen 6 x 6 image transfers with pigmented wax I thought I was ready for the larger size but all these new problems kept arising - Did I need more wax medium in order to protect the outer layer of colored wax? (I used more) Were there enough details in the greenery? (I built the layers of leaves with shades of green wax but wasn't sure if I should etch into the leaves more details) Was there enough depth? (encaustics are all about fusing layers) Did I achieve a luminous landscape? (that was my primary goal). None of these thoughts were an issue when I was working smaller but now with this spotty image transfer on my painting table I had more physical space to work with and more problems to work through. Bigger space = Bigger challenges.

I kept reminding myself that I wanted the photo transfer to play and interact with the colored wax. I did not want to cover all of the photograph but I did have to correct the holes that were left when I damaged the image doing the transfer. I can't decide if this is one huge mess of green wax or if it takes me some place in my mind... down the path that leads to the pond just beyond the trees.

One thing I can admit to is that I am looking forward to working on a watercolor landscape I started earlier in August. My watercolors are my happy, serene creative place and I have missed the flow of the translucent medium. I also have a few more smaller 6 x 6 wood panels for encaustics, a size I feel I should stick with for a little longer. I still have to sit with this and look at it with fresh eyes in the morning. I may etch some details in the larger leafy plants, even use oil pastel; don't know if that would make it too busy or more interesting. I will know in the morning.

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