Friday, August 28, 2009

fun night~ ATC workshop

My trades from last night's workshop; I meant to trade with all 14 workshop participants but I only ended up with 8 cards from other artists
Tables setup with everyone 'doing their thing'

Last night I hosted an artist trading card workshop sponsored by Lynn Arts, Inc. About 14 people came to the workshop, most of them had made cards ahead of time but had never participated in live swaps. For me, it was interesting to see all the different styles of art cards and I definitely enjoyed the networking aspects of the workshop. I even met an artist who used to be in a gallery that I am still showing work in, and we had so much fun sharing our experiences. Some of the artists I met have websites (which I will be visiting as soon as I am finished posting). It really was a nice change for me to trade cards in person rather than through websites. It's important to me that I see what other artists are doing, what mediums they are using, and what they find appealing when they look to trade their cards.

Today I hope to spend time dealing with my large encaustic image transfer. I need to start adding color and 'connecting the empty spots' which should be a challenge because it's so much larger than the previous encaustic paintings I have done. At least it's a cool, cloudy Friday, perfect for making art.

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