Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Crazy Week

Tonight is week 3 of the watercolor class I teach and I look forward to sharing with my students the stages I went through and the problems I had to solve in order to make the demo painting feel right to me. I will show them the photographs I took as I applied each new layer of paint and talk about my creative process. I will also start a new painting to demonstrate wash techniques using a masking tape resist. My main objective is to continue to demonstrate how working wet with layers of watercolor washes leads to a fluid, transparent, use of the paint.

Tomorrow I have to load my car with my display panels, lighting, and show inventory that is being stored at my studio. I have a speaking engagement at a local art college on Thursday and will need to finish loading my car later on Thursday with the rest of my show inventory that is at my home. Once the car is packed up I will barely have room to move!

Friday I am off to Northampton, my booth will be setup and ready for the show opening on Saturday morning.

It's going to be non-stop busy for me for the next 7 days. Hoping for good weather and lots of show visitors.
Happy Autumn!


  1. Good Luck with your show and thanks for the demos in the previous blog. Your schedule is definitely non-stop--you must be very organized.

  2. Good luck with the show, the class, and the weather ...and have fun. -Don

  3. You do have a full plate. Sending good thoughts your way and I hope the show goes very well for you!