Saturday, October 10, 2009

pre show anxiety...

Encaustics are in the front right corner, behind them are the sumi-e paintings, and my large watercolors line the back wall of my booth. I still have to setup my desk with notecards and prints, something I will do before the show opens this morning.

Sitting here having coffee at my hotel, I am thinking about the final details left for me to do in order for my booth to be complete. I brought fewer display panels this time and have an unusual arrangement - I wanted to make a separate space for the encaustics, sumi-e and watercolors and I am hoping my work still flows even though there are 3 different mediums. I have priced the small encaustic framed cards at $65 each, and everyone keeps telling me it's too low a price! I am excited to finally introduce these to the public and am anxious to see the response I get. It's a rainy morning but it's suppose to clear up mid day. Attendance is the key.

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  1. I hope it was a busy, rewarding, fun and profitable day for you. I look forward to hearing the responses you received regarding all of your work. -Don