Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Geisha (work in progress)

Geisha drawing with initial paint wash

Last night in class I taught one of my favorite lessons - we first practice drawing skills using tracing paper (easy to erase), once we have a simple line drawing it is then transfered from the tracing paper to the watercolor paper. I almost always choose a geisha and really enjoy using watercolor washes to create intense color and depth in the background. I will outline the figure using paint and add details when I am ready to paint her kimono. Sometimes I add ink stamps for kimono fabric patterns although this lesson is really just another way to practice working wet and letting the paint drip and do whatever it wants to do.

I would have been working on the geisha painting today, getting it ready for the next class, but I had time to start my next encaustic using the larger 8 x 8 panels I ordered. I will post my newest work later or tomorrow but for now I need to take a break from looking at it so I can figure out what needs to happen next. Stay tuned!

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