Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Goodnight, Moon"

This morning I was able to finish my demo painting from the class I teach on Tuesday nights. It has been a difficult few weeks for me and sadly I have to share that my dog had to end his short life on Monday. He had become paralyzed from a ruptured disc. Rather than dwelling on the depth of grief I have been trying to put to rest, I will just share my painting. It is an expression of my emotions with color and simplicity in shapes. I decided to title this painting, "Goodnight, Moon" and it refers to an ending of a day, or a life, and the peacefulness that goes along with that.


  1. It's a beautiful painting. I've very sorry about Bruno. Pets bring such joy; then leave a huge hole. Each one stays in our hearts forever.

  2. Robin, I've been a little out of the loop this week. I am so sorry for your loss. I didn't realize until earlier today when I saw your post on Facebook what you've been going thru, and my heart broke for you.

    I love how "Goodnight, Moon" turned out. The colors are great. I especially like those touches of vivid crimson on the trunks. Taken in context with what you've been dealing with they could very well represent the wounds your heart has suffered.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear that Bruno lost his struggle.

    This painting is beautiful in in its simplicity. I hope that looking at it is calming for you.