Friday, October 16, 2009

new watercolor demo

work in progress - masking tape resist

It has been difficult for me to focus since returning from the show however my dog is home from the hospital, and hopefully going to gain strength. I won't know for another 2 weeks if he will be able to function independently and it is going to be my difficult task to accept whatever happens. I am doing all I can possibly do for him, and now I have to sit and wait. I think anyone who is a pet owner and lover knows that their pet fills a certain space in their life. The unconditional love is unlike any other. Now is one of those times I will turn to my art to find comfort and peace.

I am hoping to finish the class demo I started at Tuesday night's class next week. I will add another wash of color because I feel like I need intense yellow/orange/red in this piece. There is masking tape on the paper which is creating a resist in the shape of the trees, this allows for greater freedom in applying the paint. Once I take the tape off, I will add yet another watercolor wash to fill in where the stark white paper is exposed. I also need a darker shade at the bottom in order to ground the trees. I will want to keep this painting simple with shapes, but I want the color to be intense.

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  1. Robin I love the bold colors of the wash coupled with the soft blending. I hope painting will be a calming outlet for you while you and Bruno are in limbo.

    The only pets I've had are el cheapo aquarium fish, but even so I'm heartbroken when one of them gets sick or dies. Those tiny bundles of fins and scales each have their own personality, and to lose a living thing that's in your care is so hard. I know the feeling must be much more magnified with an animal that you can relate to on a deeper level and my heart goes out to you.